Ryan Degheri is a superstar!!! I was an out-of-town buyer and had coordinated with another realtor months before my trip to address family matters. On the day prior to our initial meeting she cancelled, indicating that it “would be too hard” to find a condo at my $350K cash price point. I called Ryan and he made time for me on my last day! He was exceptionally organized, professional, high-energy, and charming! We looked at 12 downtown condos in 4 hours–he really knows the market. I made an offer that afternoon and closed in less than 30-days! So, it was a blessing to find Ryan! He made the extra effort to help me and boy, is he on top of it! He handled my inspection and since closing he continues to assist with small repair coordination and flooring contractors! I am grateful and appreciative to have found him. He exceeded my customer satisfaction/quality expectations!!!

Debfrancis77 http://www.zillow.com/profile/Gregg-Neuman/Reviews/?review=3332346 May 15, 2017


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